[News article] Entry into the video security market! New company of parking control "QDIS"

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QDIS, known as the automotive video interface company, has launched the video security market. As the future business of the company, they will pursue the market with new product development. In order to enter the market, QDIS acquired the ITI, an IP camera developer who was responsible for the development of its automotive rear camera, in 2016, and acquired the VR business centered on IP cameras.

▲Kim Seong-jin, CEO of QDIS [Photo = Security News]

QDIS acquired ITI by investing in Angel at Hanbat National University. They see that the technical development of artificial intelligence (AI) and recognition algorithms become important, and predicted that the image and sensor parts will be promising. After launching the VR division, QDIS focused on product development investment for two years until the first half of last year. As a result, in the second half of 2018, 360 degree all-around IP camera (omnidirectional IP camera) is used to mass-produce the parking control solution capable of recognizing the 8-sided numbering and recognizing the 12-sided parking space. Starting in September, sales in the public procurement market began to rise.

"The all-round IP camera is a proprietary product that has been patented by QDIS, and will be the future of QDIS for the next decade. In the past two years, focusing on development investments has been like no IP camera sales, Revenue began to be generated by supplying lens modules to INNODEP, an excellent procurement company. VR division sales will surpass the existing automotive division sales from the second half of 2019. "

Kim Sung-jin, CEO of QDIS, said, "I am confident that I have a Omni-Directional IP camera and a parking control solution using it. It is a patented product developed by the technology of the company. Kim was selected as a global IP Star company by the Korea Invention Industry Promotion Association and received support for the patent map, product design and 3D publicity film for the patented technology.

▲ Omni-Directional Camera

QDIS's '12 simultaneous parking control solution' is an intelligent parking control system that utilizes a pano-reflect lens applied to all-directional IP cameras. One camera is used to control up to 12 parking planes without blind spots, and image analysis is carried out to inform them of the availability of parking by a green lamp.

The problem of the parking control solution using fisheye lens is that the edge of the image is distorted due to the nature of the lens, which causes frequent problems in judging whether or not the parking is available. However, QDIS' 12-sided simultaneous parking control solution using a pano-reflet lens is able to construct a stable 12-way parking control solution by dramatically improving the image of the outer frame by applying a patented edge image enhancement design to the lens.

QDIS paid particular attention to the parking control system because it expected the expansion of parking control services to be expanded mainly in luxury apartments. Kim said, "I thought it was very convenient to provide information on the availability of green and red LED in large complex buildings such as department stores and marts. Recently, it has been decided that a parking lot solution is developed in the apartment complex by removing the ground parking lot and constructing a large number of underground parking lots. By developing such a parking control solution, it is possible to secure competitiveness through the parking control as well as convenience of residents "He said.

However, it was difficult to develop the product. They need to develop a solution that can reduce the errors and determine the environment of each parking lot by controlling the camera on one of the 12 sides. It is difficult to create and apply various test environments. Especially, it is difficult to reproduce various types of fire in the development of fire monitoring algorithm.

▲ 12 sides pakring suveillance system

Nevertheless, as a result of continuous development for 2 years, the QDIS has a 12-way parking control system as well as my car search function with 6~8 number recognition, a smart pass, a car number recognition (LPR) they are developing the solution one by one. Embedded and tolerance algorithms using its own camera are also being prepared.

Hybrid control with security plus additional services

QDIS has decided to expand the market based on this market as it is a solution to replace the existing parking induction market using ultrasonic sensors to find empty parking spaces in parking lots.

QDIS is a strategy to preempt the domestic market first and then expand the market overseas. QDIS is an export-oriented company whose exports account for more than 80% of annual sales, but all-around IP cameras will expand from domestic to overseas. Of course, in the early stages of product development, They are testing various products in USA, Japan, Indonesia, Russia and so on, keeping in mind the global market.

Kim said, "There are many inquiries because it can be constructed at a cheaper price than existing methods and it is possible to control without square. In recent years, there has been a lot of inquiries about building a system in a private apartment because the public's opinion about the parking induction of the customers has risen recently. "It is necessary to construct apartments and cultures that are required to have no blind spots in the parking lot And expects that our solution will be required in meeting facilities, old-age facilities, training facilities, and officetel. "

If you are responsible for security with omnidirectional IP camera, price barriers are high, but this product can serve as a camera while it is a sensor. Raceway can also be shared with LED etc. It can reduce the construction cost by about 30% compared to existing parking guidance system and clean wiring I think there will be a win. It is also an attractive point to be able to produce three sets of effects such as face recognition and fire surveillance in a vehicle control system with one camera. In the construction sector, it is expected that the combination of security camera and one-path emergency bell will be attractive.

Kim said, "We have focused on increasing the value of the camera in the past two years because it is difficult for the camera to compete in the market anymore, so we need to increase our competitiveness by using software." "Through the World Security Expo this March, . "By differentiating the image analysis, the recognition rate has been drastically reduced, which will cause a great deal of repercussions in the market.

Finally, Mr. Kim said, "QDIS is the first company to take a step in the IP camera business," Intelligent parking control system launched a variety of solutions including car identification, parking guidance, parking guidance, vehicle detection, Is needed. However, it is difficult for a single company to develop and own all of them and build a system. We will be able to deliver better products by working with multiple vendors with their own solutions in each area. We hope that this will enable us to be competitive together in the global market. "